Workforce Development

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Workforce Development

Workforce Talent and Development

When given the right attention and investment, People, and what they bring to an organization or a community, are an asset that appreciates over time. If we don’t invest in people we put in peril the global leadership America currently enjoys. If you don’t invest in your own development your earning power will not reach its full potential.

Now, faster than most imagined, a confluence of social, economic, but most of all technological forces are bringing a new twist to the world of work. We are entering the age of a Knowledge-based workplace where each person is becoming a “business of one.”

With over twenty-five years of research and direct workforce involvement, Ingbretsen Consulting LLC is prepared to show you how to effectively react to thechanging workplace environment. We can help you, your organization, or your communities, understand, assess and recommend action steps that can be taken to deal with the growing problem of workforce talent development.

As a coach, I work with “you the individual,” so you can have the impact you need to be more successful and satisfied in your career. As a writer, I provide real-world proven information you can apply immediately.

Ingbretsen consulting accomplishes in-depth analysis, which results indeliverables that are action driven to improve the individual, the workplace and the workforce.

If you need expertise in career issues, workforce skills panels, workforce gap analysis, workforce development council initiatives or training of front-line supervisors/managers, contact Ingbretsen Consulting LLC.

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