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How to Keep Your Job; Follow these Ten Tips: If you want to stay employed and be at your career best, you must learn from mistakes, overcome challenges, mitigate your weaknesses, and most importantly, “play off your innate strengths, talents and skills.” You must stay closely in tune to both your present career performance and where you want to take your career in the future.  READ MORE….

The New Economy: Rich And Poor With Fewer In the Middle: The current recession will end, business will slowly come back, but our communities will live with the problems the recession has caused for a long time. Some economists believe we are entering an ”hourglass economy,” where both jobs and wages will be more focused at the top and bottom. This will lead to a decline of the middle class, which has been the economic engine of our economy. This will reshape families, lives and communities across the Nation. READ MORE….

Build Your Employability Tool Kit: Employability refers to your capability for gaining and maintaining employment. Each of us carries with us our very own “employability tool kit.” It contains all of the skills, knowledge, and competencies we’ve developed over time. No one can take away your kit; it’s yours forever. What does your employability tool kit look like? Do you know what’s in your kit? Does it contain new skills, knowledge and competencies? What are you doing to increase the content and value of your employability tool kit? To read more.  READ MORE….

Wherever You Are, Be There: Many years ago I first heard the words “Wherever you are, be there” spoken by the man many consider America’s foremost business philosopher, Jim Rohn. He was talking to a rather large gathering of business executives mainly from the world of high tech. His speech was centered on learning to really be wherever you are and learn to focus on the current moment. I found his remarks unique because as business leaders we were living in a world of multitasking, which was just the opposite of his message. READ MORE….

Formula For Success: 
The formula for success really has not changed over the years. To quote John P Getty, one of the riches men in American history “Rise early, work hard, strike oil.” If you read the bio of virtually any successful individual in any career, you will find that their success did not come easy. Their success required a lot of hard work.   READ MORE….

Employment Will Never Be The Same In America: The Great Recession of the 21st Century has changed life in America. The period of full employment with generous benefits is coming to an end and in all probability will never return.  READ MORE….

21 Hot Tips To Develop Your Personal Success Strategy: 
Successful people are continually seeking ways to enhance their core talents, skills and competencies so they can improve their personal strategy for success. They want to leverage that knowledge so they can add value to their personal life, relationships, their clients, (internal or external) and become even more successful in their daily endeavors.  READ MORE….

The Frustrated Graduate: Some of our graduates are well prepared for college and or the world of work, but sadly they are in the minority. The majority of young people see the future as simply a world full of question marks. A report released by The Conference Board (a business research organization) shows an alarming trend that both high school and 4-year degreed college graduates lack critical skills needed to succeed on the job.   READ MORE….

Do You Think It Is Important To Leave A Legacy? One hundred years from now, will anyone know who you were? Will people remember your name? Will descendants tell stories about you? Will you have left a mark that says, “You were here?”  READ MORE….

Do You Continually Improve Your Critical Thinking? 
Before answering this question, you may want a definition of critical thinking? Critical thinking is a conscious evaluation of your thoughts. It is thinking about your thinking. It is the conscious act of directing your thinking to be more accurate, clear, rational and consistent with actual facts and conditions. It is a search for knowledge and truth.  READ MORE…

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