How to Keep Your Job; Follow these Ten Tips

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How to Keep Your Job; Follow these Ten Tips

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 If you want to stay employed and be at your career best, you must learn from mistakes, overcome challenges, mitigate your weaknesses, and most importantly, “play off your innate strengths, talents and skills.” You must stay closely in tune to both your present career performance and where you want to take your career in the future.

Additionally, you must know what’s going on in your organization staying as close to the action as possible. You should have a job or position you feel is contributing to the profitability of the organization. You must stay informed, engaged, open to change, and determined to make a positive impact on those around you.

Keeping the above in mind, follow these ten tips.

  1. Most important…Work every day as if you are an entrepreneur and own the company.
  2. Understand that job security is dead, jobs are volatile and updating your skills and gaining new experience is what will keep you both marketable and employed.
  3. Seize opportunities that best fit your strengths, skills and talents. Look for opportunities to volunteer where you can perform at your best and pick your projects wisely.
  4. Always strive to over-perform. Your boss wants individuals who detect and solve problems. Organizations are always looking for people to step up to the challenge and take on new things. Are you that person?
  5. Cultivate and maintain a winning attitude. Winners maintain an optimistic and “realistic outlook” as they move toward their career goals.
  6. Live by positive values. To succeed over the long term, you must know what’s right and wrong, and you must use these standards of behavior every day to keep your career on track.
  7. Take smart risks and create value. You’ve got to take a risk and initiate new and innovative ideas. Not taking a risk to be innovative is a risk in itself.
  8. No pain, no gain. Winners face career obstacles directly, and turn the pain of both “hard and smart work” into the gains needed for a successful career.
  9. Don’t forget the importance of networking. Networking inside your organization can go a long way toward keeping you informed. Information will form your career. It is critical to develop a strong network so that you can stay informed, hear about opportunities and make your move to capitalize on this information.
  10. Look at your performance through the eyes of your supervisor. Ask yourself – If I were my boss, would I keep me?

Following the above Ten Tips will go a long way in helping you keep your present job and advance your career.


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