Leadership Workshop

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Leadership Workshop

Leadership Development Coaching Experience© Workshop Overview

This is a 2 Day workshop with both days starting a 8am. and lasting until 5pm.

Session 1: A Focus on Your Assessments

  • Discover Your Strengths
  • Discover Your Personality Type
  • Learn How to Enhance Your Communication Skills
  • Discover Your Learning Style
  • Understand the “Seven Intelligence’s”
  • Learn How You Can Become a More Effective Listener
  • Discover Your Leadership Style?

Session 2: Developing a Strong Management and Leadership Approach

  • Examine the Core Competencies of Managers and Leaders
  • Understand the Talents of Good Managers/Leaders
  • Learn the Ten Motivating Musts
  • Understand the Four Basic Needs of Followers
  • Learn How to Measure the Impact You Have on Those You Lead
  • Awareness, a Key to a Leader’s Success
  • Alignment, (focus) a Key in Leading Change
  • Behavior, a Key Attribute of Leadership
  • Visioning, a Key Role of Leadership
  • Twelve Observations of Present and Future Leadership

Session 3: Developing a High Performance Team

  • Learn the Eight Elements of Building a High Performance Team
  • Understand the Twelve Characteristics of High Performance Teams
  • See a Description of a Well-functioning Team
  • Understand the Eight Attributes of a Solid Team Member
  • Learn the “Four Domains of Leadership Strength” in Building a Team
  • Learn the Five Signs of Strong High-performing Teams

Session 4: Individual Leadership Coaching

  • Learn How You Can Focus On Your Leadership Development
  • Label Your Most Dominant Weaknesses and Mitigate Them
  • Learn How to Put Your Strengths to Work
  • Develop Your Strengths Action Plan

Session 5: Understanding the Dynamics of Change

  •  Learn the impact of Feelings, Resistance, Stress and Motivation
  • Understand the Two Types of Resistance to Change
  • Learn Why Change Results in Stress
  • Learn Seven Effective Ways to Reduce and or Manage Stress
  • Learn Why Change Fails
  • Learn How to Take Charge of Change

Session 6: Leading Strategic Change

  • Discover Six Great Killer Organizational Competencies
  • SWOT – A Great Tool to Develop Insight
  • SWOT Analysis Worksheet
  • Learn Why Visionary Strategic Change Leadership is Needed
  • Discover the Characteristics of a Vision
  • Learn How to Develop a Strategic Change Strategy
  • Learn How to Turn your “Vital Few Objectives” into your “Strategy”
  • Worksheet for Developing a Solid Strategy
  • Alignment is Key
  • Execution is the Bottom Line!
  • Make Your Culture Match Your Strategy
  • Effective Delegation, The Key to Your Success

 About Ingbretsen Consulting LLC:

Coach and author Roger Ingbretsen is a certified executive coach and organizational developer, providing organizational and career guidance to professionals, managers, supervisors and all individuals looking for “real world” career development and business information. His entrepreneurial approach will help you learn how to plan, lead and succeed in your career.

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