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Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Coaching Experience©

Leadership talent development and succession management planning are becoming a top priority for many organizations in today’s competitive environment. To ensure that the right talent is placed in key leadership positions, professional development and succession management cannot be isolated from the business strategy of the organization.

A key challenge for any organization is the development of leaders and an environment, which allows all stakeholders to realize their full potential. Improving the practice of leadership in an organization involves more than simply changing the personal behaviors of a few key individuals. It also requires organizations to create an integrated approach to identifying, retaining and “coaching” the necessary talent required in today’s competitive global market. Leadership development through coaching is becoming to organizations what a coach is to sports one of the requirements for winning.

Ingbretsen Consulting has developed a proven and well defined “leadership coaching” process which will produce results that can be powerful. The Leadership Development Coaching Experience© provides the insight, concepts and the strategy, for developing the organizations leadership.

The Leadership Development Coaching Experience© is a systemic process which will help embed “succession planning” in an organization. When used to the fullest extent, he process ensures that leadership development and succession planning are an integral part of the organizations talent management strategy. It is a “strengths based” approach that is designed to quickly develop the “high potential” managers and leaders of the future. Participants discover their strengths, talents, skills and competencies and learn how to use them for greater “leadership impact.”

Filling the pipeline with talented, high performance people is the admission price for future growth and building a winning team. As a leader, you are the steward of your talent pool. To be successful, the organization must seek to attract, develop and retain the best talent in positions that are critical to attaining its plans and priorities. That talent must also be capable of dealing with the biggest challenges facing the organization in both the present environment and future direction.

The Leadership Development Coaching Experience© can be used in for-profit, non-profit, private and public organizations. If you are a CEO, President, Vice President, Director, Manager or someone in a key leadership role, you can apply the principles of the leadership development process.

As a result of new insight gained from the Leadership Development Coaching Experience© a more highly energized leadership team will build off and enhance individual and organizational strengths and competencies. They will also seek answers to, and more precisely define and articulate:

  • A clear mission statement — Why do we exist? What is our organizational purpose?
  • A compelling vision — What clearly describes our future desired state? What fulfills the mission?
  • A solid strategy — What is the logic and tactics that will ensure the mission and vision will be achieved?
  • A reevaluation or restatement of organizational values — What are the values the organization will both espouse and live by, that will satisfy all stakeholders’ needs? What culture do we want to create?
  • A greater focus on sustainability, growth and talent — What do we need to be doing today for our survival? What do we need to be doing to ensure future growth? What talent do we need to do both?
  • A strong emphasis on creativity, innovation and implementation — What products, services or other deliverables will support personal and organizational growth? How do you take these from a dream to reality?
  • A possible structure change — How do we best organize to bring about the changes needed to facilitate new organizational demands, desires strategies and needs?

My research on dynamic organizations and practical experience as both a leader and an “internal leadership coach” has shown how important the understanding of the above stated conditions are in the implementation of a cost effective and successful leadership coaching process. They provide the building blocks needed to enhance, create and build organizational success. They are the “touch-stones” that leaders can continually go back to when seeking a higher level of personal and organizational achievement. The seven statements are the essence of the Leadership Development Coaching Experience©.

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